Work related problems and repetitive strain

People evolved to walk and run as hunter gathers. Our joints are made to be used in many directions and our muscles to contract and relax through their full length.  The spike of the stress hormones, adrenaline or cortisone are meant to be for a short duration to prepare us for flight or fight.  Are bodies are not designed well for desk life.  It is no wonder that in todays increasingly computer driven society that stress hormones build up, muscles and joints are exposed to being tight in one fixed range, that dysfunction occurs. 

Work based problems commonly include RSI and LBP, neck strain, shoulder pains and CSP.

Injuries due to sedentary work occupations far out way the dangers of manual work or accidents.  They also have the added problems that often people cannot just avoid the aggravating factors (without losing their income), due to this we devote a lot of attention to treating people with work based injuries as successfully as possible. 

Getting the problem to heal and fixed is the first step. 

This is more challenging as problems such as RSI and tendonitis’, if long standing often become sensitized.  When this happens the muscle memory keeps tension in the muscle and inflammatory mediators so a smaller input and problem can cause similar symptoms, the peripheral nerves and spinal cord carrying this information can also become sensitized as this happens it is common for the area of pain to become more diffuse and often problems on one side can start being mirrored on the other.  These problems need careful management and specialist techniques to minimize and improve as quickly as possible.  There is then the problem of recurrence as most people can not get away from the aggravating factors.

To minimize this influence we work with your body to help it adapt to these strains we also help your body minimize the stress it is under it by giving detailed work set up advice, stretches and exercises.  We look at the effect that breathing mechanics, stress hormones and overall well being is having on healing time, pain perception, tissue healing, advice on diet, breathing and relaxation techniques to counter these.  To achieve this we work closely with local businesses, nutritionists and one on one yoga/meditation teachers.


Jez Specialises in Work related problems and postural Erganomics