Video Exercises

Here are some of the exercise we give our patients.  Only a small amount of the exercises are found on this site.

For more exercises please visit our Vimeo channel or our facebook page.

We will be adding Pilates and Yoga videos at a later date, follow us on facebook for updates.

Lower Back Exercises:

Here you will see Gabbi perform two lower back articulations lying on your back and one standing stretch. For more lower back exercises go here

Neck Exercises:

Here you will see Gabbi perform one neck stretch to perform at a desk. One exercise to stretch the top of the neck lying down on back. The last exercise is designed to stretch through the medium nerve which provides great lower neck articulation. For more neck exercises go here

Thoracic Spine Exercises:

Here you will see Gabbi perform one exercise to help increase the range of movment through her thorcic spine.  One you perform lying on your back, one side-lying and an active exercise with weights to balance the scapular muscles and articulate through the thoracic spine.  For more thoracic spine exercises go here

Hip Exercises:

Here you will see Gabbi perform a squat matrix. This is very good for getting the hips to move evenly in a full range. She also performs a hip capsule stretch and a dynamic hamstring stretch. For more hip exercises go here

Nerve Stretches:

Here Gabbi demonstrates three different ways to slide and stretch nerves.   You need to be very careful with all nerve stretching.  Please only perform if instructed. For more nerve stretches please click here

Chronic Pain exercises:

Here Gabbi demonstrates two exercises designed to decrease chronic pain.   Research shows as pain becomes chronic you get less able to distinguish fine touch.  By increasing the awareness and descriminitive touch many people find a decrease in pain levels.  Give them a try they can be fun. 


Here Gabbi demonstrates three different stretches.  One for the neck, one for the lower back and one for the sub-occipital muscles.  For more stretches please click here

Stretching with movement:

Here Gabbi demonstrates three different dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretches are designed to stretch muscles while you rely on the muscle to stabilize body movement.  The idea is that by using the muscle in a stretched state teaches the neuromusclular system to keep the muscle length. For more Dynamic stretches please click here