Welcome to our exercise videos we hope you find them useful

The idea behind this resource was to act as a memory aid for our current patients who have forgotten exercises we have set. We found we were setting exercises as part of rehabilitation, but our patients often forgot how to do them by the time they got home. We wanted to provide a way to help revise the exercises we had set. We hope you have fun and get benefits from using these videos.

Please remember that not all exercises are right for everyone, so while you are welcome to try any of the exercises here, any individual doing so without instruction, does at his or her own risk. 

We are more than happy for other therapists or members of the public to use these videos.  However please remember that everyone is different and different problems require different strategies, and even two identical problems in different people will require different exercises.  If you are not one of our patients please feel free to use these or call us for advice.

Likewise, we want these to help everyone so feel free to forward them, and share on facebook with anyone you think may benefit from them. Please get in touch if you are a professional and wish to add to our exercise catalogue. We welcome any feedback, good or bad; we develop through opinion and debate and hope to continually add to this resource.

Thank you to Gabriela, our highly recommended personal trainer who stars in these videos and who spent many hours helping us put these films together.

Gabbi can be reached on 07794 594687