People often associate Osteopaths with helping peripheral nerve entrapment.

This includes common problems like bulging intervertabral discs pressing on the nerve roots or muscles spasm causing irritation of the nerve causing pain down the leg or arm. This has long been an area that Osteopaths are renound for. At Sussex Osteopathic Clinics we have a specialist clinic for these problems.  There have been interesting developments recently in nerve function and neurodynamics. We employ new techniques successfully to treat these problems in the quickest most effective way possible.

On the whole people don’t associate Osteopaths with other neurological problems or headaches but it is an area we can often help with very successfully 

By understanding the disease process and peoples bodies well we can give relief from most symptoms and encourage the body to adapt and heal.

The traditional reductionist view of the body is gradually changing and research is showing how interlinked and adaptable the body and brain as a whole is. There is lots of evidence showing how much influence the body has on many neurological diseases.

The brain, which was once thought to be static, has been shown to be constantly adapting and a lot more plastic than previously thought. 

Your thoughts and moods can affect your muscle tone, tissue health and your immune function. This also works the other way around and addressing the individual holistically giving nutrition advice, exercises and working through the body we can help a lot of complex problems.

Osteopathy helps the body adapt.  Results can be from the mild to the miraculous. Why we don’t claim to be able to cure neurological problems we can influence them, your functioning and pain levels. 

Things like nerve entrapments and sciatica we would expect to get rid of completely, likewise with a lot of headache problems and even some reccurring migraines.  The more central the problems such as Parkinson’s, and MS, we can resolve some of the discomfort that is often associated with the problems, give exercises to maximize function and delay progression.  A lot of patients very much benefit from a holistic viewpoint as a lot of specialists will only look at one area in detail and not how this is effecting other areas or the persons life. 

Some conditions that are difficult to treat with traditional medicine such as vertigo (balance problems) and chronic pain can respond very well to osteopathic treatment.

Some of the exercises to decrease nerve tension and decrease chronic pain are demonstrated on our vimeo channel.  These should be done as part of a complete program. 

Headaches, neck pain and neurological conditions



Both Richard & Jez enjoy treating Headaches and Neurological Problems