Sussex Osteopathic Clinics: Your First Visit

Going to see anyone for the first time can be worrying, especially if you do not know what to expect. 

The initial consultation and treatment will last approximately 1 hour. This will in

volve a detailed case history, which will include any previous medical history such as any serious illnesses, accidents, broken bones or operations which you have had since birth up to the present day. As any of these may have a bearing on your current problem.

A physical examination will then be carried out.  You will not be made to take off any more clothes than you are comfortable with although a good view of the area and related areas may well help us improve your care. We suggest wearing comfortable clothing that you can move in without being restricted. 

You may be asked to perform simple movements to aid in the understanding and assessment of your situation. In addition other tests such as blood pressure, reflexes,

A diagnosis will be made based on your case history and examination findings; this will then be discussed with you and all possibile treatment options will be covered.  This will include other professions and different Osteopathic techniques that could be used.  You will be given time to discuss these before any treatment is given.  No techniques are ever used without your informed consent. joint mobility and muscle strength may also be performed. 

At any time during your appointment you can ask your Osteopath to stop treatment and explain anything they have said or any techniques performed. 

The Osteopath may ask you to visit your doctor or suggest other treatments or investigations (such as blood tests or scans) which may be helpful in solving your problem. 

 As with your GP, all personal and clinical information is dealt with in the strictest confidence.  We are governed by the General Osteopathic Council which gives you the same protection as seeing a Doctor or Dentist.

Follow-up appointments

Sometimes more than one session is needed in order to not only relieve pain but to rehabilitate and help prevent future recurrences of the problem.

Additional treatment sessions are normally half an hour but this can vary depending on the individual and problem. These are usually a week to two weeks apart, with the aim of monthly maintenance visits. 

You may also be asked to carry out some basic exercises to aid in your rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home. Exercises given can be found here, just in case you are in need of a refresher after your treatment.