At Sussex Osteopathic Clinics we are proud to have a charity arm

Some of our business profits go towards this cause. We feel happy about this and hope you do to. This way you know as you take care of yourself and improve your health, you are also helping other people. Smiles all round!

We set up the charity with two main intentions.

1) To take osteopathy to people in the third world and help treat muscular skeletal problems for people who would not normally have access to this provision of care.

2) To provide unsurpassed development opportunities for our Osteopaths.

Here Richard Skudder from Sussex Osteopathic Clinics writes a first hand account of how the charity came about and why it is such an important cause.

“After 10 years of working as an Osteopath I decided to take a few months off to travel and recharge my batteries. I went to Asia, the first stop being Nepal.

I had no intention of doing any Osteopathy while I was away; in fact I was looking forward to having a break. However, whilst I was trekking in the Annapurna mountains in the Himalayas, a 6 day walk from the nearest road, I met an American Doctor who was there as a volunteer helping tourists suffering from Altitude sickness and treating the locals. We got talking and he informed me that the local Lama (Buddhist monk) was suffering from back pain which he couldn’t help him with.

I volunteered to go to his house, this turned out to be a cave high on a mountainside. I walked up there with a translator to see if I could help. I was able to relieve the Lama’s back pain and the translator then asked me to look at his mother’s knee. From there, before I knew what was happening, I was seeing all the locals.

The need there is huge. With no normal health care, no roads and living in the Himalayas, the level of muscular skeletal problems are vast and so much more than I was used to seeing in the UK. People would walk for 4 hours from neighbouring villages to see me for knee pain (admittedly this was slightly counter productive). What I wasn’t expecting was how much developing as an Osteopath and practitioner this would give me. I developed more in that month than years of private practice in the UK. The scope and breath of problems you are faced with is huge. With no GP's to refer, either you treat it or often it doesn’t get treated.

This is not an experience you can walk away from or not want others to benefit from. It is great for the locals, the volunteers and the profession itself. Having taught in two large Osteopathic Universities, I know first hand that there is a desire from Osteopaths and from the locals receiving the treatment.

I am pleased that the other Osteopaths in the Sussex Osteopathic Clinics are keen to go and develop in this way. I am looking forward to this project growing and reaching more people over time.”


Osteopaths Abroad: Have a look around and get in contact if you have any feedback

After the recent earthquake in Nepal, we have been fundraising for the village, and are pleased to say that £149 has been donated by clients of Sussex Osteopathic Clinics! Thank you all for your generous donations.