Pregnancy: Many expectant mothers come to us for treatment of problems

Many expectant mothers come to us for treatment of problems caused by changes of posture or weight as well as previous musculoskeletal problems. Postnatal appointments can, for example, evaluate how your musculoskeletal system is functioning. Treatment and advice can be given to support you in returning to normal function.

It is common for women to experience some pains while pregnant.  Not only is there the increase in weight of baby and placenta but also a considerable change in posture and a change in hormone levels leading to the ligaments to be more lax. 

These changes often lead to aches and pains at a time when exercise can be difficult and medicines not ideal. 

Osteopathic treatment is safe and gentle for you and your baby.

We have had an expectant mum and baby clinic in Hove for over 20 years with 100's of women experiencing relief from the treatment our osteopaths have provided. 

Prenatal Osteopathy is gentle but highly effective helping women with common problems such as pubic symphysis dysfunction, low back pain, heartburn and neck or shoulder pain. If the body can work at its optimum, there is more chance labour and birth will be as smooth, calm and enjoyable process as it can be.

Post-natally treatment is aimed to helping your body to return to normal function as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  Minimizing any negative effects birth may have had. 

Here local two local midwives explain why they refer New borns too us.

Here local two local midwives explain why they recomend expectant mums to us.


Our specialist Baby Clinic has been running for well over 20 years.  Many of the people we have helped are now bringing their children to the practice.

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle and safe approach of working so it's suitable for everyone including delicate people such as the elderly and babies. Specific gentle pressure is applied where necessary to enable the body to heal itself.  

We have treated babies who have experienced forceps delivery, a long labour or caesarean birth who have benefited from cranial work. We come highly recommended with many local Midwives recommending us.  

Olivia: Specialises in Mums and Babies

Here a pregnant mother explains what she got out of both visiting us herself for back pain and bringing her new born to us.