Health is more than just the absence of disease it is about total wellbeing


Most people think of Osteopaths as back specialists but we actually treat the whole body and can improve everything from ankle injuries to neck pain and migraines.

The training for Osteopaths includes 4 years of anatomy, physiology and physical examination training and even some medicine, which means that we possess a broad base of skills.

People often think we are like physiotherapists and chiropractors rolled into one. Our aim is to identify the cause of the problem and not to merely treat the symptoms and we are able to help people to become pain free and rehabilitate quickly.

Our promise is simple. We will do what ever we can to put you first and do what ever we can to help you to the fullest extent possible. This includes honest, trustworthy free advice if you have anything you are not sure about, not seeing you more than is necessary and referring on if there is anyone who in our opinion will give you a better service.