Most people think of Osteopaths as back specialists, but we actually treat the whole body and can improve everything from ankle injuries to neck pain and migraines. Our aim is to identify the cause of the problem, not to merely treat our patient’s symptoms. This helps us ensure that our patients leave us pain free, healthy and happy.

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Sussex Osteopathic Clinics is a group of Osteopathic clinics looking to supply the very best service, information and care.

Some people often think Osteopaths are like physiotherapists and chiropractors rolled into one, however, our approach is very different, we believe health is more than just the absence of disease, it is about total wellbeing.

As Osteopaths we are regulated by the General Osteopathic Association who govern osteopathic clinical and ethical guidelines. This regulation means that patients have the same assurances as when they visit the doctor or dentist.

We are located over 3 different locations in West and East Sussex providing specialist Osteopathic care locally, in Steyning, Hove and Brighton. Click here for locations.

Specialist Clinics include:

Back pain and sciatica

A lot of clinicians treat acute injuries well, the key is to not only fully rehabilitate but to strengthen the area to stop it becoming a recurring injury or ‘weak’ area in the future.

Headaches and migraines

On the whole people don’t associate Osteopaths with other neurological problems or headaches but it is an area we can often help with very successfully .

Sports & acute injuries

We look at the influence of an injury & how it impacts on your overall biomechanics to prevent it causing overstrain elsewhere and causing problems elsewhere in your body in the future.

Work related problems & RSI

Work based problems commonly include RSI and LBP, neck strain, shoulder pains and CSP. Injuries due to sedentary work occupations far out way the dangers of manual work or accidents.

Mums, bumps & babies

Many expectant mothers come to us for treatment of problems caused by changes of posture or weight as well as previous musculoskeletal problems.

Elderly care & arthritis

At Sussex Osteopathic Clinics we get your body to accommodate to the wear, minimizing any dysfunction in the joint as well as getting other bits of your body to work better to compensate.